Convert trial users into Paying Customers

Increase onboarding conversion with the power of machine learning

Behavior Analytics
User Guidance
Product Feedback

It all starts with analytics lets you understand how your users are using your product without sending events or involving developers

Increase feature adoption & usage

Trigger behavior-based tooltips and notifications to increase usage and adoption of new and unused features.

Help users use the right feature at the right time.

Validate features before building them

Validate feature success before building it.

Show a mockup/prototype of the feature to selected users inside your product. Collect likelihood score and qualitative feedback.

Beta test new features before a full release

Show new features to specific users, analyze usage and collect feedback before releasing the feature officially.

Collect relevant Product Feedback

Trigger behavior based feedback requests.

Collect product feedback from the right users at the right time.

Engage with users using interactive product announcements

Publish great looking product announcements with a click of a button.

Adds a social interaction and a personal touch to your product.

Actions included
Feature preview
Feature flagging
Product announcements
User guidance
Product feedback

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