- Add Machine Learning to your CRM, Marketing Automation and Help-desk software
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Automatic data enrichment for CRMs and Marketing Automation is automatically adding useful person and company data to your users.
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Every time a new user/lead signs up,
Kilometer will search for user & company enrichment data
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How can Data Enrichment change the way you onboard and convert new users?
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Use Cases
Marketing Automation
Use our enrichment data to personalize your onboarding process using marketing automation
Use our enrichment data to improve sales effectiveness
*Enterprise Leads -VIP
*Freelancers -low Potential
Customer Support
Provide better support - understand who your users are
One click integration with tools you already using
Integration takes just 27 seconds.
Pay-As-You Go Pricing
14 Days free trial, 60 days money back guarantee.
$49 per month
Up to 300 Monthly signups
$149 per month
Up to 10,000 Monthly signups
$299 per month
Up to 50,000 Monthly signups
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