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Prioritization and routing of support requests using Machine Learning
Kilometer is using advanced Natural Language Processing technology to determine who should address and issue and how urgent it is
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Every time a new support request is coming in
Kilometer will analyze it using advanced Machine Learning
and Natural Language Processing technology
Sentiment: Negative
Emotion: Angry
Customer Segment: Paying - VIP
Issue type: Technical - API
How Artificial Intelligence can improve customer support?
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Automatic Routing
Kilometer will analyze the content of the support request and decide which person or department should handle it
Automatic Prioritization
Kilometer will determine how urgent is the request by analyzing the data of the user and the content of the request
One click integration with tools you are already using
Pay-As-You Go Pricing
14 Days free trial, 60 days money back guarantee.
$49 per month
Up to 300 Monthly support requests
$149 per month
Up to 1,000 Monthly support requests
$299 per month
Up to 3,000 Monthly support requests
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